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Phenol Chemical Peeling

Unique facial rejuvenation treatment without surgery. One of the most revolutionary advances in medicine worldwide in recent years.



Phenol Chemical Peel DERMAFINE Marbeclinic Marbella.

A deep chemical peeling produces dramatic results, very similar to a facelift, but without surgery and without altering the facial expression.

It is the best technique to actually restore youth to your face as it eliminates wrinkles, blemishes and scars, and renews the skin permanently. If you want to appear 20 years younger without surgery: This is your best choice.

Chemical peeling involves the application on the skin of an acid that produces a flattening of wrinkles and improved tone and texture of the skin, it is the best treatment for patients with deep wrinkles, marks and acne scars, solar aging and sun or age spots. Phenol is the agent most commonly used for this purpose. The treatment itself is not a substitute for surgery, however a deep chemical peel produce spectacular and even greater results than a facelift when realized by an experienced surgeon because it produces an absolute and definitive Dermatologic Rejuvenation in a single treatment.

Of all the acids used to regenerate facial skin phenol, or carbolic acid, it is the most powerful and the one that penetrates the skin deepest. Its application is indicated for the treatment of deep wrinkles, severe photoaging and precancerous lesions . Phenol is characterized by its high permanent skin lightening power and should only be used in the face.

The DERMAFINE technique, developed by Dr. Casanova, not only comprises a phenol treatment, but is also combined with another novel manual smoothing technique to optimize treatment outcome. Recovery times are carefully designed so that in the worst case the patient is away from work 10 days, although usually it is sufficient with only 7 days. This new treatment is now available in our clinic in Marbella.

A safe and highly efficient rejuvenation treatment that rejuvenates the human face up to 20 years in 7 days

DERMAFINE is a safe procedure, when provided by an expert physician. The procedure can be used all over the face, or it can be made in specific areas like in upper lip and / or eyelids. The results are truly spectacular and are already visible after 7 days. The results are very long lasting since the effect is permanent.


Deep wrinkles
• Precancerous lesions
• Freckles, lentigines and pigmentary disorders
Acne scars

Treating aged or damaged skin effectively is possible! Ask for a free consultation at Marbeclinic Marbella.

Testimonials: Real Cases
Before and after facial rejuvenation Dermafine
The pictures are taken before the treatment and 7 days later, when redness still can be observed in the treated areas.

antes y despuesantes y despues
Deep wrinkles removed and completely renewed skin. Pictures before and after.

 Antes y despues peeling fenol
Wrinkles, sagging and dark spots removed. Before and after pictures. Between them, only 7 days.

Upper lip wrinkles "barcode" completely removed after 1 week.

antes del peelingdespues del peeling



  ante y despues


Deep marks and acne scars in the face of a young woman.
The skin is still red after 7 days, but the improvement is clearly visible. Her face will regenerate for weeks until a total cure. The skin is completely smooth and acne-scars practically erased, disappeared. The renewal process will end after several months and smoothing will become even more noticeable.

 antes de peeling cicatrices acne      despues de peeling acne

Total Rejuvenation - The regeneration of the skin is very visible after seven days and continue to improve for several months.


The medicine of the future is to prevent diseases and regenerate damaged tissues of the human body.

Science is advancing with giant steps. We know that stem cells are an unparalleled discovery. Regenerative medicine is the first step to incorporate this knowledge into our lives.

In Marbeclinic Marbella we can allready offer you Regenerative Stem Cell Medicine.